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Welcome to Bohol Light Company, Inc.
Joomla Popin Window by DART CreationsPower and Electricity are vital components to the economic, political, social and human capital development.It intrinsically integrates the sustainability factor, long enough to generate the desired progress in a locale transcending even beyond its boundary limits, thus, contributing to the attainment of the national goal of total electrification. Conscious of this need and the awareness to perform a social responsibility, the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGB), a public corporation providing electricity within Tagbilaran City and a few barangays through the Provincial Electric System (PES), issued an invitation to pre-qualify and bid for the rehabilitation, ownership, operation, maintenance and management of PES through a Rehabilitate-Own-Operate-Maintain and Manage Scheme (ROOMM) in December, 1999. The Consortium of Salcon International, Inc.(SII), Salcon Power Corporation (SPC), and Pure and Palm Inc. was awarded the ROOMM contract after the PGB adjudged the Consortium’s bid as the best complying and the most advantageous among all bids received and evaluated. A Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) was signed which allow the Consortium to purchase, own, rehabilitate, operate, maintain and manage the PES and for PGB to sell and transfer the franchise to operate the PES in the city of Tagbilaran to the Consortium. Through an Accession Agreement, on August 28, 2000 BLCI acquired the rights, interest, assets and equipment of the Consortium composed of SII, SPC and other members of the JVA.



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